Here are the top 4 meditation apps that I use and recommend to clients.

Year after year I keep recommending these top 4 meditation apps to my subscribers, private clients, and members of my coaching program. Meditation is becoming a hot topic in the wellness community. Scientific research is proving that meditation can shape the human brain to be more efficient and even more compassionate.

When I started meditating I used my yoga teacher’s guided recordings to keep me focused. Today, there are so many choices when it comes to recordings and meditation apps that it can feel a little overwhelming. The last thing you need is more resistance between you and your meditation cushion!

In order to keep you focused on what matters most – actually practicing meditation – I’ve selected the top 4 meditation apps that I believe will help you develop a consistent practice. Hopefully, this list will take away the overwhelm of deciding how to meditate and will instead allow you to jump in and start practicing.


Top 4 Meditation Apps

Headspace – A great app for beginners who enjoy a practical approach to meditation. Enjoy a free 10-day trial that will help you understand the basics of how to meditate. If you like it you can subscribe with monthly payments of $8 to $13 or make a one-time payment of $400 and get access forever!

One Giant Mind – This non-profit company is dedicated to delivering free Learn to Meditate programs. Their free app offers a 12 step process to get you started. Then it lets you build on your progress with a 30-day challenge and a couple of different guided meditations.

Calm – Access the Calm platform from an app on your mobile device or through their website. Calm differentiates itself by offering gorgeous nature photographs synced with soothing music or sounds from nature. It’s great for a short work break. Set the 2-minute timer at Do Nothing for 2 Minutes and you’ll see just how soothing, as well as challenging, it can be to sit and do nothing. You can choose from 7-day themes, such as gratitude and sleep, or use single guided meditations focused on a variety of outcomes from “deep concentration” to “emergency calm.” Calm also offers unguided timed and open-ended sessions. Subscriptions options include $5 to $13 monthly or $300 for lifetime access.

Insight Timer – This is the meditation app I use daily. The basic platform is free. You can listen to guided meditations from amazing teachers all around the world and even bookmark your favorites for replay. There are also paid courses you can choose from and they are developing a way to make individual financial contributions to your favorite teachers.

If you have more experience with meditation, this app allows you to truly customize your sessions. If you have less practice you can explore a variety of types of meditation. The reason I use this app more often than the others is because it allows me to keep a daily journal of my meditation sessions and export them when I need to complete practice reports for my continuing yoga training and certification. The social functions of this app allow you to join different communities and offer robust ways to connect with meditators around the world.


Meditation Advice

My best meditation advice is to be patient with yourself. Starting something new takes time and consistent effort. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater if you find yourself uncomfortable and avoiding meditation practice. Remember, meditation isn’t torture. You are free to stop at any time and you don’t have to sit in lotus pose on the floor. Keep it simple and sit upright in a chair if that feels best.

The reward isn’t always in the actual experience of sitting to meditate. More often it is experienced in your daily activities. Over time you will notice an increase in your resiliency, more patience with daily challenges and a deeper appreciation for the constantly changing nature of life.

When you begin to meditate consistently you feel as if you are riding the waves of life as a surfer.  As opposed to being in a tiny dingy that capsizes with each new wave life brings your way.


Did my top 4 meditation apps include your favorite? If not, share your top pick in the comments below.

If you’ve got questions about meditation, I’m happy to answer. Simply post below and I’ll get back to you.

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