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What if finding peace and ease didn’t mean giving up fun?

I think there’s some confusion about what being happy and fulfilled actually looks like.

It’s as if many of us are going through our days searching for a place that exists beyond us. A place where we manage all of our daily habits perfectly. A place with no stress or challenges. Where, if we can just get through our checklist…THEN we’ll be happy and satisfied.

But you and I know, that’s just not the case.

Finding ease, balance and happiness are not contingent on how quickly we reach our to-do list goals.

In fact, it’s small changes over time that have the strongest long-term impact on our lives.

You don’t have to be “perfect.” You don’t have to give up all your favorite things and you don’t have to overhaul your lifestyle to find truly enriching, life-changing happiness.

That blissful feeling you experience in yoga – you know where you float out of class and wonder, How come I don’t feel this amazing all the time? … it’s possible to hold onto that deep connection with yourself. It’s possible to carry that throughout your day, your work and your relationships without becoming a new person.

I know, I know… sometimes the serenity you get from a yoga class seems out of reach during the rest of your day but I can help you change that. In fact, it’s my mission to do so.

If I know you at all, I know this.

You’ve learned over time to define your success as being educated, getting the good job, having the nice car and taking care of your family with a smile… and preferably in a cute outfit.

But, no matter how well you do all those things – something is missing. You want more. Your soul wants more!

Don’t worry, I’ve been there too and I can help.


Hi, I’m Brooke Bailey!

Do you feel like no matter how organized you are, you’re always a few steps behind?

Or maybe everything urgent gets taken care of but what you really want to focus on is what’s important to you?

Maybe you check off your to-do list every day, but you’re missing the meaning and purpose that you crave.

Here’s the thing:

We all have the capacity to live life fully, with meaning and EASE while getting important things done.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. Take it from me – I’ve been there.

There’s a reason I made a move away from the corporate world to become a Yoga Health Coach, ParaYoga© Level 1 Certified Teacher and Four Desires Trainer.

Before I found the way to less stress and more joy and ease, I was stuck.

I was doing all the things that I thought I was supposed to do, but it just wasn’t sitting well with me. I was super stressed and wasn’t doing work that was meaningful to me. This created a lot of inner conflict, which only added to my stress levels, despite looking like I had it together from the outside.

I learned how to create a vision for my life that made me want to jump out bed in the morning – one that I don’t need a vacation from. And, I’m not talking about changing careers (although that’s what was right for my personal transformation) or changing houses, cars or partners. I’m also not pretending that life won’t continue to include some stress and throw unexpected challenges your way.

I’m talking about bringing the things that are most important to you – what you truly value – to the forefront of your life.

By using customized yoga, personal-development tools, mindfulness and meditation practices – I transformed my life and now I help others do the same. I’ve learned how to merge the ancient science of Ayurveda with modern behavioral science to teach myself and others how to build healthy habits – that actually stick! 


How we can work together

Naturally, once I created a system for myself to thrive I wanted to share it with highly successful people like you.

There’s nothing I love more than leading my clients through a process that identifies which goals are aligned with their unique purpose, shows them how to create a lifestyle that supports those goals, and allows them to experience more joy in their daily lives.

There are a few ways that I work with people including one-on-one and group online coaching programs. But why don’t we start with a few of my favorite tools and some more information about how I help women like you live more fully.

Working with me opens much more than just your body. I’ll take you beyond the yoga mat to learn how to consciously shape your habits and therefore your destiny using techniques that are customized to be the most powerful for you at this point in your life.

I believe we have the power to change for the better, no matter our age. I believe that you have a unique purpose and I’m ready to help you uncover it and start living from your fullest potential!

From my mat to yours,

Brooke Bailey


What others are saying…

yoga health coach brooke bailey“I’m incredibly grateful for this experience. When I first met Brooke, I thought to myself, this woman knows her stuff and I want to learn as much as I can from her. I tell people about this group all the time. It’s so action-oriented. I came into the program with some solid tools, and my tool belt is even more robust. This excavation, at this juncture in my life, is so brilliant. It’s life changing!” Neel Pandya, MSW | Journey to Thrive Annual Member

“I have gained a great deal from my sessions with Brooke. She has helped me to create the meditation practice that I always wanted. Meeting with her has helped me to see my life with a different perspective and better understand what I need to do to stay balanced. To receive personal guidance tailored to my unique life situation from such an experienced and well-trained guide who truly walks the walk has been life-changing.” Katie C.

“Brooke is a wonderful, attentive teacher.  She is very down to earth and has helped me to incorporate yoga practice and values into my life in a realistic way. ” Bess H.

“Working with Brooke’s group coaching program provided the guidance and tools I needed to finally take action on my goal of pursuing my creative passion. Brooke helped me learn to shift my perception of what is possible and what I am capable of achieving. I now see my negative, inaccurate beliefs and how they have held me back for so long.”

Because of the coaching program, I feel more empowered and am taking daily action to create the lifestyle I’ve been dreaming about for years!” Client Moving from a Traditional Career Path to a Lifestyle that Incorporates Her Creative Skills

“Sometimes things just become overwhelming. When asked “what’s wrong,” it’s hard to pinpoint. Nothing is really wrong. I have a great job, a supportive loving husband and 2 beautiful children. Then you sit back and wonder why am I so overwhelmed?

Then one day, you realize that you need help. Not physically but mentally and emotionally. Things are OK but something is missing. This spring, I asked for help.  …

Brooke Bailey and I have been meeting weekly to work on a few things. She has been helping me work on putting me into the sentence about what is going well. That is what was missing. I was so intent on making sure everyone else was OK that I forgot about me.

Brooke is a wonderful personal coach because she leads by example. She helps me dig a little deeper into who I want to be and how I want to be seen. This allows me to reshape my behaviors to lead a more balanced life.

Since we have begun working together, I have seen a drastic improvement in how I react to things. I have recognized that is it OK to put yourself first sometimes, to really prioritize and spend time on what really matters. In three words, I am happier. Truly happier. … (The) one thing I have added is given myself permission not to be perfect.” Tara Monistere


A few fun facts…

  • The S. in S. Brooke Bailey stands for….Smile! No, actually it stands for Sally. I’m named after my mom.
  • Although you might not guess from my lily white complexion and my slight Southern drawl, I’m a native Floridian, born and raised.
  • I LOVE to travel and my passports are a collection of bad headshots and stamps from 6 of the 7 continents (Antarctica is just too cold!)
  • I prefer to travel for the thrill of it rather than to mark off any checklists. I love the colors, languages, and intricacies of cultures that initially feel foreign, and then after a short time, simply feel human because of a conversation I’ve exchanged with a local or two.
  • I discovered yoga in 2000 while visiting my best friend in Australia. Since then, my life and work have evolved in ways I could never have imagined back in my days as a business student.

Last, but not least, the official bio

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAS. Brooke Bailey holds a BA in Management from Tulane University and a MBA in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona, where she graduated with honors. Brooke is a certified Yoga Health Coach, ParaYoga© Level 1 Certified Teacher, Four Desires Trainer, and a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Living, working, and studying abroad for several years provided Brooke with the opportunity to broaden her understanding of others through cross-cultural experiences. Using these experiences she developed a coaching and teaching approach that is easily accessible to students from a variety of different backgrounds and with a wide range of yoga study.

Brooke works online with clients across the globe through her 10 week group coaching course, Journey to Thrive. Using the tools of Ayurveda, ParaYoga, and The Four Desires she guides individuals to identify which goals are aligned with their unique purpose, shows them how to create a lifestyle that supports those goals and teaches them a process for experiencing more joy and ease in their daily lives.


Working with Brooke opens more than just your body, she opens your mind and spirit to its greatest potential.