I’m taking a 5 day video challenge this week to improve my skills on camera. I want to share the first video that I recorded because I think the subject offers you a bit of Practical Om.

My first video of the ‪#‎justhitrecordchallenge‬ with Casey Erin Wood. Our assignment was to share something memorable about ourselves (also called your “Purple Cow”).

My lucky charm is my purple cow. Do you know what your lucky charm and purple cow are?

Do you have a lucky charm that helps you ward off negativity when things get tough? Maybe it’s something you’ve had since you were a child or maybe it’s a simple trinket that you found recently. It may sound silly or superstitious to give an object power over your psyche, but the truth is we already associate thousands of objects with feelings and beliefs. Why not make at least one object work to your advantage? Watch the video to learn the story behind my magical four leaf clover.

And what’s this purple cow thing? The premise is that everyone has something unique about themselves. The important question is: Are you sharing that unique story or quality with others?

Imagine driving along the road and seeing a field of brown cows, when all of the sudden your eye catches sight of a purple cow in the herd. You wouldn’t forget that purple cow, would you? That’s the concept of finding your purple cow.

Now go ahead and share what stands out about you so that others can benefit.

I would love to know more about your lucky charm and unique purple cow. Please share them with me in the comments below.