Only $1.99 for this relaxing 30 minute audio recording.

Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation allows you to move beyond the chatter of your conscious mind and rest in deep relaxation. Experience deep and profound relaxation using this ancient yoga technique.

Yoga nidra can be loosely translated as the yoga of sleep. You need only lie down on your back and let the sound of my voice guide you to a state of awareness where you will feel completely relaxed and carefree.

The practice of yoga nidra is not only a wonderful way to experience deep relaxation, but it is also a powerful technique for planting your intentions in your sub-conscious. Practicing yoga nidra 2-3 times per week with a sankalpa (resolution) can help you fulfill your goals.

Once you experience my Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation you’ll want to load it on all your portable devices. It’s an excellent way to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. All it takes is for you to lie down, get comfortable and press play!


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Praise for Brooke’s Yoga Nidra Sessions

“A yoga nidra session with Brooke is something everyone should try, and in the near future, not down the road. Whether you are wanting to commit or recommit to a goal or simply need the restorative benefits that yoga nidra provides, you will be amazed at the serenity you reach with just one session. As a busy mother and professional, it had been years since I felt I actually relaxed and cleared my mind. During my first session, I found the calm and clarity I had been seeking and was able to better articulate and commit to my goals.

I actually fell asleep for a short part of the second session and came out feeling more positive, rested, and energized than I had in years – almost as if I had gone on a relaxing and renewing two-week-long vacation! During the third session I was relaxed but focused and made significant progress in targeting and crystalizing the “no doubts, one step at a time” attitude I needed to work on my goals. I’m also pretty sure that the yoga nidra even did something for my formerly skittish cat; lounging nearby and able to hear Brooke’s voice, he started snoring loudly a few minutes into the session, and he’s been calm and extremely affectionate since then! Regardless of whether yoga nidra works on cats, it certainly helped me, and I highly recommend scheduling regular sessions to keep on track, whatever your state of mind and goals.

I also think it would be an incredible tool for any groups or associations that want to hold mini-retreats or strategy sessions. Work yoga nidra into the program, first thing in the morning, or about the time the group usually gets burnt out, and you’ll be able to regroup and refocus with fresh minds!”

-Margaret E. Butler, Ph.D.


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