Uncovering Your Purpose – Episode 52 of A Healthy Curiosity Podcast

I had the pleasure of connecting with my friend and fellow wellness professional, Brodie Welch, on her podcast called A Healthy Curiosity.

In the episode we discuss uncovering your purpose through the Four Desires Process. As a Four Desires Trainer I love sharing this transformational process with anyone who is interested in listening.

I think you’ll find it entertaining and useful, as we discuss how to tap into your intuition and why identifying your purpose is so powerful in helping you experience more happiness.

Uncovering Your Purpose In Life

In the episode, we explore:

  • What’s blocking you from getting what you truly want
  • Dharma – what it is and how to uncover yours
  • The Four Desires categories and process
  • The Chinese Medicine approach to life purpose
  • How to connect to your innate inner guidance system – Your Internal GPS 🙂
  • How taking care of yourself is key to fulfilling your purpose


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Read The Four Desires, by Rod Stryker
Want the freebies we mentioned in the podcast?

Brodie’s 5 Bio-Hacks to Reduce Stress


This was my first experience being on a podcast. I’d love to know what you think about the episode!

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