I’ve put together a short list of my favorite top 3 yoga class websites in response to a recent inquiry from one of my regular students.

I love to travel! Likewise, I know many of my friends travel for both work and pleasure. It’s great to have a go to yoga website, or 3, when your body is in knots from too much time in planes, trains and automobiles.

Even if you don’t travel frequently, I’m sure there are times when you are out of your normal routine and could use a quick yoga class delivered via the internet.

While there is no doubt that it’s best to practice in person with a skilled teacher, there are times when online yoga classes can be a short term way of continuing your practice.


Top 3 Yoga Class Websites

  1. YogaGlo – Top international yoga teachers, including my yoga teacher Rod Stryker, in a professionally filmed classroom setting. You’ll feel like you are practicing with a class. It’s easy to select the type of class and time frame that works for you. Free 15 day trial. $18 per month subscription.
  2. My YogaToGo – I love to support local New Orleans yogis and this one is a no-brainer! Geoffrey Roniger, owner of Freret Street Yoga and all around fabulous yoga teacher, has put together an impressive collection of online classes with excellent instruction. Free demo classes, no registration required. $16 per month subscription.
  3. Grokker – Get 3 for 1 on this website: yoga, fitness and cooking. It’s a healthy lifestyle website that offers a wide variety of classes. If you don’t mind surfing through the huge selection, you can discover some gems. Free 2 week trial. $14.99 per month subscription.


How to Get the Most Out of the Top 3 Yoga Class Websites

  1. Watch the class before you roll out your yoga mat! I know you probably think you don’t have time for that, but it will prevent injury. Not to mention, it will allow you to actually experience the practice as opposed to constantly looking at your computer screen while contorted in the shape of a pretzel.
  2. Turn off your cell phone (at a minimum set it to airplane mode) and eliminate other distractions. Treat it like an in-person class, respect the time you are setting aside to practice and bring your full attention to it.
  3. Be gentle with your movements. Remember that you are following a sequence that wasn’t designed with your unique body in mind. While most group and online classes are safe for the average person, you know your body best. Set an intention to witness what is right for you in the moment, while letting go of judging your body negatively.


What is your experience with practicing yoga through online classes? I’d love to hear your insights or answer your questions?

Do you have a favorite yoga website that you would like to share?

Post in the comments and I’ll get back to you.


Photo Credit: William Iven via Unsplash