The foundation of ParaYoga© rests in its Six Gems.

In this video I outline The Six Gems in general terms to give you a better understanding of this modern style of yoga.

ParaYoga synthesizes and systematically applies these six ancient yogic concepts to guide students to improve their lives and realize their highest potential.

The first of The Six Gems is Sva Dharma: the realization of who and what you were meant to be. Sva Dharma refers to your unique purpose in the world. The practice supports the fulfillment of your unique purpose by giving you customizable tools and techniques to manage your energy and move you beyond your limitations in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The second gem is tantra. Tantra has received some “bad press” over the years and is often associated with black magic or sexual practices. In the case of ParaYoga, the tantric approach to practice refers to giving priority to building prana, or life force energy, over the classical approach of Patajali’s yoga which emphasizes the quieting of the mind. Tantra uses the practitioner’s own energy to calm the mind and merge the individual with the universal. In this modality, we rely on the tools of tantra to move students beyond their limitations, so that they can thrive in all aspects of life.

The third of The Six Gems is Vidya. This is the underlying science and systematic approach to achieve fulfillment in your life. Vidya is used to formulate and customize the best practice for the unique situation of each student.

Fourth is Agni, which means fire or Spirit itself. Agni is the light of self-knowledge that reveals who we truly are.

Fifth is Sri: experiencing the innate beauty and goodness of life. It means having love for the Source of life and witnessing its brilliance in all things.

The sixth and final gem is Parampara. Parampara is making a tangible difference in the world by understanding your true nature, revealing your own light, and passing it on to others.

A ParaYoga teacher is committed to utilizing these Six Gems in their own life and in their teaching.

Dedication to a daily practice that is connected to the Gems lays the foundation from which ParaYogis uphold the highest standards of excellence in their daily thoughts, deeds and actions.

I would love to know what else you would like to learn about this modern style of yoga.

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