In my 40 Days to Thrive program I emphasis the importance of getting support and accountability when you are trying to make a change in your life.

Getting support means finding one or more people who are actively interested in and concerned for your success. Accountability means you are ready and willing to accept responsibility for your actions.

Why are support and accountability so critical to your success when it comes to making a change?

There is a well recognized link between social support and wellbeing. The more support we receive from friends, family and colleagues the more likely we are to tackle life’s challenges with a bit more ease. Research has shown that those who don’t tap into their support networks are more likely to experience depression, low self esteem and a lack of contentment in their lives.

Support and accountability go hand in hand. When we accept responsibility for ourselves we are more willing to stand up and share our experiences with others. When we share our experiences we create a cycle that reinforces our own accountability and provides insight that others can use as support for their own journeys.

Take a moment to make a list of your support network. Who can you count on to hold you up when things get difficult? Do you have a specific person that you can turn to for each of the main areas of importance in your life? For example, mentors are often used in the business world to help individuals embrace opportunities in their career. Do you have a mentor or partner you can count on for support and accountability with a specific change you are making?

My 40 Days to Thrive program encourages members to seek out a Thrive Partner, at least 1 other person in the group who is working on adopting a similar habit. In this way members set themselves up for success not only by getting group support, but by receiving an additional level of attention that strengthens personal accountability as well.

Do you have a habit you want to create? Take a key step toward your own success by openly stating your accountability for the habit you are creating and seeking support to keep you on track.

If you’re not already a member of 40 Days to Thrive, register and join the Facebook Group for instant support and accountability. Whatever change you seek, you can make it with the help of others and faith in yourself.


Use the comments section below to share your experience with support and accountability. If you’re ready, tell us about the current change you want to be held accountable for in your life.