Investing in themselves regularly is the #1 thing successful people do.

You’ll have a more rewarding life not only in terms of how much money you make, but how much fun you have out of life; you’ll make more friends the more interesting person you are. So go to it, invest in yourself. ~ Warren Buffet

Do you really need my perspective, or even Warren Buffet’s, to show you that you’re spending copious amounts of time, thousands of dollars, and months or even years of your attention on things that don’t leave you better off?

Probably not, but indulge me for a few moments and I think you’ll benefit now and in the long run by learning what successful people practice again and again.

Successful people invest in themselves. They don’t spend their time, money, or energy on things that aren’t meaningful. Instead they focus on growing and evolving, rather than spending resources mindlessly on other people’s agendas.

Why Successful People Invest in Themselves

Successful people invest in themselves because the return on their investment not only benefits them, it also those they are in relationships with (professionally and personally) and often the world at large.

Think about this…If you want to travel somewhere you’ve never been, you generally look for people who have gone before you. When you find someone who has been successful at the adventure you’re looking to embark on, you make note of their recommendations. “Go here; don’t go there. Do this; don’t spend your time on that. Be sure to take this and leave that because you won’t need it…” etc.

It’s no different when it comes to people who are successful in their relationships, career, or balancing the two. Successful people get guidance from people who have already been successful at what they want.

Once they determine the skills that they will need to go from where they are to where they want to be, they set out to gain those skills or outsource them.

Most importantly, they know that they will get to where they want to be faster, with greater efficiency, and better results when they enlist the support of not only a single person who is more advanced than them, but an entire group of dynamic, successful people who are at various levels and stages of where they want to be.

How Do Successful People Invest in Themselves?

Successful people recognize that not only do they have to want this new adventure and growth, but they have to be willing to change the ways they are currently investing their time, money, and energy to evolve and experience the rewards they desire.


Successful people understand that they cannot get water from a dry well. Knowing this they practice daily habits that feed and renew their energy. Successful people invest in themselves through sound sleep, time in silence, and nourishing meals.

Successful people protect their energy from being diffused by creating boundaries around the information they consume, the projects they take on, and the company they keep.


They identify someone who is successful in their chosen area.


They form a relationship where they give their time, money, and/or energy to this successful person in exchange for learning the steps to take and the mistakes to avoid on their growth path.


They invest more than they are comfortable with financially.

They financially invest, not just in information, but in a community that is continuously evolving and moving forward in their chosen area.

Successful people know that simply learning what they need to do will never guarantee that they actually do it!

While a mentor can teach you what they know, successful people understand that the influence of a single mentor is only made exponentially stronger by joining a group of people who are collaborating, implementing, and repeatedly pulling each other out of backsliding on their goals.

Successful people also understand that willpower alone does not work when it comes to sustained focus and effort over time. Investing in an enriching environment that supports growth through continuous improvement and does not allow you to hide is the way to a life well lived.


Successful people understand the cycle of growth. They know that being uncomfortable is part of the process.

Anytime you take on something new in life, it means that things will not remain as they were if you are to create and maintain a new trajectory with a different and more extensive set of opportunities. So successful people learn to be uncomfortable, and even scared, while taking action on what they know is more important than their fear.

Successful people know that their old patterns are likely to be obstacles in their way and that self-determination is not enough to keep taking the actions they will need to take when they are tired and things are hard.

That’s exactly why they make a BIG financial investment in themselves and join others on the journey. They commit. They commit not just to a goal, but they commit to themselves and to a group.

Knowing that they can’t get their investment of time, money, or energy back if they quit, successful people purposely choose an investment that would really hurt to lose.

How to Invest in Yourself

Now that you know how successful people invest in themselves, what does investing in yourself look like?

It looks like you taking responsibility for your actions. It is having clear intentions around how you invest your money, time, and energy, so that you make the meaningful contribution to the world that only you can make.

It’s time to begin the steps listed above and start investing in yourself.

Questions to make sure you are implementing 5 steps to invest in yourself:

  1. Do you have a daily self-care routine on auto-pilot? Do you feel energized and refreshed each morning with plenty of energy to actually take the actions you must take to reach your goals?
  2. Are you clear about what is most meaningful to you in life? Do you know what you value? Do you have a vision of your future self that includes personal and professional impact?
  3. Who do you know that has been successful in the area you are pursuing? Who has a lifestyle that aligns with your values? Are you having meaningful conversations with them regularly?
  4. Have you invested in more than books or classes to gain new skills and sharpen your mindset for growth? Have you made an uncomfortable investment of time, money, and/or energy in a group where you are actually being held accountable for your actions?
  5. Do you F.A.I.L. – First Attempts In Learning? Do you value resilience and keep moving forward after setbacks? Do you celebrate your wins on a daily basis?

Successful people – yep, that’s you!

Now you know how powerful investing in yourself is for long-term happiness.

It’s time to seek out greater and greater investments of your time, money, and energy, so that you will walk through the five steps above to invest in yourself and what is most meaningful to you again and again.


Photo credit: Thought Catalog