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“Working with Brooke’s group coaching program provided the guidance and tools I needed to finally take action on my goal of pursuing my creative passion. Brooke helped me learn to shift my perception of what is possible and what I am capable of achieving. I now see my negative, inaccurate beliefs and how they have held me back for so long.
Because of the coaching program, I feel more empowered and am taking daily action to create the lifestyle I’ve been dreaming about for years!” Client Moving from a Traditional Career Path to a Lifestyle that Incorporates Her Creative Skills

“Sometimes things just become overwhelming. When asked “what’s wrong,” it’s hard to pinpoint. Nothing is really wrong. I have a great job, a supportive loving husband and 2 beautiful children. Then you sit back and wonder why am I so overwhelmed?

Then one day, you realize that you need help. Not physically but mentally and emotionally. Things are OK but something is missing. This spring, I asked for help.  I was fortunate enough to be reflecting on this with someone that I admire.  I told her that I needed a personal coach and she shared with me that she was working as one.

Brooke Bailey and I have been meeting weekly to work on a few things. She has been helping me work on putting me into the sentence about what is going well. That is what was missing. I was so intent on making sure everyone else was OK that I forgot about me.

Brooke is a wonderful personal coach because she leads by example. She helps me dig a little deeper into who I want to be and how I want to be seen. This allows me to reshape my behaviors to lead a more balanced life.

Since we have begun working together, I have seen a drastic improvement in how I react to things. I have recognized that is it OK to put yourself first sometimes, to really prioritize and spend time on what really matters. In three words, I am happier. Truly happier. I have made a few decisions that have allowed me to take some stress out of my day. I work the same amount of hours, do the same things for my kids but one thing I have added is given myself permission not to be perfect.”
-Tara Monistere, Private Life Coaching Client

“Brooke is a wonderful, attentive teacher.  She is very down to earth and has helped me to incorporate yoga practice and values into my life in a realistic way. ”
– Bess H., Group Class Yoga Student

“I have chronic back pain resulting from idiopathic scoliosis. After two spinal surgeries I was left with limited range of motion. During my private session with Brooke I worked on engaging the bandhas (mula and udhyana) to protect my lumbar spine and allow me to safely attempt more challenging postures. Since our session I have achieved increased depth in postures and have greatly improved my overall practice.”
– Suzette Elizabeth Lake, Owner/Artist, FavoriteBird Enterprises

“Whether you are a beginner or an experienced student, you’re sure to feel welcome in Brooke’s class. Brooke presents her broad knowledge of yoga practice in classes that are challenging, caring AND fun.”
-Libby B., Advanced Yoga Student of 27 years

“I learn a lot about how to build up strength physically and also mentally. My joints have also became more flexible  through yoga practice. The pace of your teaching is just perfect for me, steady yet intense. I got quite a work out after each session. I truly enjoy your teaching.”
-Rose Lo, Owner, Five Happiness Restaurant

“I have gained a great deal from my sessions with Brooke. She has helped me to create the meditation practice that I always wanted. Meeting with her has helped me to see my life with a different perspective and better understand what I need to do to stay balanced. To receive personal guidance tailored to my unique life situation from such an experienced and well-trained guide who truly walks the walk has been life-changing.”
-Katie C., Advanced Yoga Student of more than 12 years and private client

“Brooke Bailey’s yoga classes are a great way to physically and mentally reset after a long day at work. She is careful and attentive with her instruction, which makes a beginner like me feel comfortable yet challenged”
– Richard von Keyserling, Software Engineer, MLB.com

“I stopped doing yoga shortly after Katrina. My flexibility really deteriorated during that time. I decided to try yoga again and luckily found myself in Brooke’s class. It has been amazing. She is attentive to detail and correct alignment. A wonderful teacher who knows just the right level for each student.”
-Terry V., Group Yoga Class Student

“A yoga nidra session with Brooke is something everyone should try, and in the near future, not down the road.  Whether you are wanting to commit or recommit to a goal or simply need the restorative benefits that yoga nidra provides, you will be amazed at the serenity you reach with just one session. As a busy mother and professional, it had been years since I felt I actually relaxed and cleared my mind.  During my first session, I found the calm and clarity I had been seeking and was able to better articulate and commit to my goals.
I actually fell asleep for a short part of the second session and came out feeling more positive, rested, and energized than I had in years – almost as if I had gone on a relaxing and renewing two-week-long vacation! During the third session I was relaxed but focused and made significant progress in targeting and crystalizing the “no doubts, one step at a time” attitude I needed to work on my goals. I’m also pretty sure that the yoga nidra even did something for my formerly skittish cat; lounging nearby and able to hear Brooke’s voice, he started snoring loudly a few minutes into the session, and he’s been calm and extremely affectionate since then! Regardless of whether yoga nidra works on cats, it certainly helped me, and I highly recommend scheduling regular sessions to keep on track, whatever your state of mind and goals.
I also think it would be an incredible tool for any groups or associations that want to hold mini-retreats or strategy sessions – work 90 minutes of yoga nidra into the program, first thing in the morning, or about the time the group usually gets burnt out, and you’ll be able to regroup and refocus with fresh minds, only 90 minutes later!”
-Margaret E. Butler, Ph.D.

“Brooke has a gift for restorative poses and relaxation.  She really understands the mind-body connection and her classes are healing for my soul and body.”
-Bess Hart, LCSW

“I’ve taken classes with Brooke in both an entrepreneurial start-up environment and a regular yoga class setting. Brooke’s teaching not only gives you the physical benefits that you’re looking for, but she also adds an element of focus and motivation that help you address your life outside of class. I was able to look at business problems with a fresh perspective and find unique solutions. Her classes are great for your ‘business brain’ and your body.”
-Shuchi Khurana, MBA, COO Bioceptive


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