In this video post I share specific strategies you can use to overcome self-sabotage.

In particular, you’ll learn the subtlest way that we keep ourselves from reaching our goals and following through with our commitments. It’s called Mayiya Mala.

The problem with self-sabotage is that most of the time we have no idea we are inflicting it on ourselves.

We tend to believe our thoughts and treat them mostly as facts, rather than fears. Yoga philosophy points to our tendency toward maya (illusion) and shows us that we often veil ourselves from our true nature and the understanding that we are connected to and supported by life.

How to Overcome Self-Sabotage

1.) learn to identify self-sabotage in your thoughts and actions,

2.) accept that you’re human and this is a natural part of becoming aware of our patterns,

3.) have some strategies on hand (press play 😉 that can support you and allow you to overcome self-sabotage when it happens.

Mayiya Mala is one of three varieties of contraction that we unconsciously use to separate ourselves from what we really want in life.

The malas: Mayiya Mala, Anava Mala and Karma Mala come from ancient Tantric yoga texts. They teach us that we can overcome self-sabotage when we are aware of the particular type we tend to use most often.

Watching this video will help you prepare for your next goal or commitment by showing you what to look out for as you move through the challenges of taking action on your intentions. Not only will you know how the specific tendencies of Mayiya Mala show up in your thoughts and actions, but I’ll also give you ways to prepare yourself and turn things around when you find yourself ready to overcome self-sabotage and embrace your commitments.

Want to learn how to overcome Anava Mala and Karma Mala as well? Leave me a comment below and I’ll get to work on making videos for you.