Are you looking for inspiring books on leadership?

Or maybe you’re curious about finding your purpose.

I don’t typically reread books, but I’ve actually read most of these at least twice.

When you find inspiring books on leadership and finding your purpose, you understand the value of refreshing and repeating their principles so that they actually become part of your daily actions.

Below I’ve shared 7 inspiring books on leadership and dharma.

I carefully curated this list to empower readers, and you can be sure that any of the books on this page are worth your time.

I recommend you choose one book from the list. Then kick back to rest, relax – read – and repeat. This will help your brain absorb the content and act on it so that you actually use the concepts you’ll learn.

Comment at the bottom of the post to share which book you’re committed to reading and implementing in your life.

Inspiring Books on Leadership and Personal Development

Daring Greatly
By Brene Brown

We are all in the boxing ring of life. Brene Brown explains why it feels so daring and raw to keep standing back up when we get knocked down. Through her research she helps us understand our own vulnerability and how vital it is to share it—rather than hiding it—if we are to live a great life as leaders, parents, and friends.

This is a book that I keep on hand when I need to tap into courage and take action.

Leadership and Self-Deception
The Arbinger Institute

Don’t let the simple language in this book turn you off. You’ll learn the importance of acting from a place of care with yourself, your colleagues, and in your closest relationships. The key takeaway is recognizing when you betray yourself and how each betrayal puts you in a box where you close yourself off to others. Each time you enter “the box” you create patterns that block communication. Reading this book will help you develop creative solutions to professional and personal challenges.

The Geography of Bliss
By Eric Weiner

As a travel enthusiast and culture fanatic, I have read and reread this book. You don’t have to be into travel to benefit from the perspectives on happiness and how we define it and can have more of it.

Inspiring Books for Finding Your Purpose (Align with Your Unique Dharma)

The Four Desires
By Rod Stryker

This is the process I am certified to guide you through to uncover your unique purpose, identify your mental blocks, and start actively living from your dharma. Obviously, I highly recommend this book, even for those who aren’t into yoga.

Bhagavad Gita
By Stephen Mitchell

There are many translations of this epic. I enjoy the one by Stephen Mitchell. Every time I read this, I just keep getting more and more from it. As one of India’s most renowned poems, this story will help you understand that living your life aligned with purpose isn’t always smooth sailing but it’s also what you—and only you—are called to do.

The Great Work of Your Life
By Stephen Cope

I’ve shared this with my community of Thrivers before. It’s so good, I think I’ll read it again.

The Three Marriages
By David Whyte

David Whyte is a poet and it shows throughout this inspiring read. Here’s my blog post on this one if you want to know more about our three biggest commitments in life.


Photo credit: Hitoshi Suzuki