Sharon Floyd and I created the Insiders’ Guide to a Guilt-FREE New Orleans because we want to make it easy for you to make healthier choices whether you live in New Orleans or are just visiting.

Click play and discover our tips and recommendations for the best activities, cocktails and cuisine to support a healthy and fun lifestyle in New Orleans.

If you’re visiting New Orleans, the Insiders’ Guide to a Guilt-Free New Orleans gives you plenty of ways to avoid feeling guilty, bad, or hungover on your next trip to the Big Easy. If you live in New Orleans, you’ll have plenty of time to take advantage of all of our tips and resources for fresh, local food and healthy activities in our incredible city. 

Don’t believe Sharon and I can help you have a guilt-free New Orleans experience? Consider this – we live in one of the world’s most popular party spots – and yet, we’ve found a way to balance the excess this city has to offer and enjoy it’s charm all while basing our businesses on health and wellness.

Wait, wait… don’t touch that track pad! The Insiders’ Guide to a Guilt-Free New Orleans is not a preaching from the pulpit “Don’t have fun in New Orleans sermon!” We want you to have a ton of fun in New Orleans, but we also want you to feel good about it. We know all about how to create a lifestyle that supports your health and allows you to have fun.

All it takes is a little mindfulness on your part mixed with the great tips that we’ve compiled to help you be balanced in the Big Easy. We’re here to be your New Orleans Health Ambassadors and let you in on our top picks, from delicious local food to rejuvenation.

Even if you can’t make it to FestiGals or Tales of the Cocktail, you won’t want to miss our insider tips for planning your next trip to the beautiful Crescent City.

After watching the Insiders’ Guide to a Guilt-Free New Orleans you won’t go home with a hangover…you’ll go home happy!