Using rewards in a dynamic group is one of the fastest ways to create a change that lasts.

Yep—even if you don’t realize it, your brain reacts to rewards and expects to be gratified when you’ve achieved something. And there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself.

You may have felt that you passed the reward stage when you went from a teenager to an adult, but the truth is rewards positively reinforce behavior no matter our age.

Don’t think of certain rewards as an indulgence. Your brain is actually waiting for a reward so that it can deepen the neural networks for the things you want to hold on to—and that includes good habits.

You’ll maximize the impact of rewards by making them public as part of a dynamic group.


What is a dynamic group?

A dynamic group is made up of individuals who are on a growth path. Both the members and the leader must lead each other in a dynamic group. Each member “pays it forward” by giving their attention and commitment to the group, and the dynamic group gives back exponentially to each member.

We only grow to levels higher than our current perception when we enter into and commit to a dynamic group. When we let go of the notion that we can evolve alone, in isolation, we seek out and are rewarded with the indispensable value of a dynamic group. Maintaining accountability in dynamic groups is not only the best way to help yourself achieve your goals, it’s been proven time and again that people require social support to keep them from backsliding to old patterns of behavior.


Why Accountability in Dynamic Groups is Vital

Our theme for this month has been resetting with the power of a dynamic group. If you’re just tuning in, you may not know that I am a huge advocate of joining a dynamic group from whom you learn and grow.

Not only can you benefit from the knowledge, experience, and expertise of your dynamic group members, you have the opportunity to benefit from a unique support structure that you can’t find elsewhere.

Sure, you may have friends, family, or a partner you rely on, and that’s great. But there’s something entirely different that opens up when you actively seek out a group of others who share similar goals but do not know you or have an agenda when it comes to your success or failure.

When you have others to help hold you accountable, you’re a lot more likely to reach your goal—it’s a proven fact. Besides, when you become a part of a dynamic group, you recognize that there are others working with similar challenges and you actually come up with superior ways to move through your challenges and reach stronger outcomes.


Accountability in Dynamic Groups and the Bigger Picture

If you’ve ever donated your time to a charity or a community service project, you may already know of the rewards and benefits that come from a group activity that’s working toward a common goal. It’s good to feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself, isn’t it?

You bond with the group members through shared experiences, and you reap the benefits of collaborating with them while helping those in need. The combined efforts of having accountability in dynamic groups are beneficial to everyone involved.

When you’re able to look outside of yourself and get a view of the bigger picture, you start to see everything—including yourself—differently.

When you treat yourself as another member of the group rather than just the person you’ll get to if you have time, you automatically begin to treat yourself better. You can step outside of the neglectful attitude you may have had toward yourself (we’ve all done it at some point) and start taking care of yourself as you would another person—the way you want to.


Group Support, Group Rewards

Just as having accountability in dynamic groups is beneficial for everyone involved, the group rewards are bigger than individual rewards.

And when you’re a part of a dynamic group, you receive rewards that may surprise you—perhaps ones that you may not have experienced alone. It’s rewarding seeing others reach their goals, and it tells you that you can reach yours, too.

The best part is getting to share the rewards with others. Remember when you were a kid and you got to take goodies for the class to share on your birthday? Sharing provides an instant-gratification reward.

This applies to both short-term and long-term rewards as well. Short-term rewards (like the goodies) are nice, but long-term rewards (like creating a healthy lifestyle habit) are even better!

When you and your dynamic group members are setting goals, it’s important to keep the long term in mind; that way you can keep your commitments to yourself, reach your goals, and be there to provide support to others along the way.


You Are in Charge of Your Happiness

If you’re not yet aligned with the power of a dynamic group, I strongly encourage you to do some research and join or create a dynamic group. Whatever your goal, you are responsible for designing the safeguards that will ensure you meet your milestones along the way. Science shows that the most vital of safeguards is being a member of a dynamic group.

With dynamic group support and a reward system, you’ll soon find that you’re well on your way to achieving your goals and creating a healthy and happy lifestyle for yourself—one where you and the members of your dynamic group flourish.


Photo credit: Perry Grone