Two years ago I had a choice to make.

I had gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from my previous 10 years of yoga study.

I’d passed the certification process for becoming a certified ParaYoga Teacher and Four Desires Trainer—which honestly was so intense, I felt like I had earned another master’s degree.

I loved the journey I had been on and knew there was incredible value in the knowledge and experience I had gained through the years.

Yet there was quite a juxtaposition between my education in international business and my education in yoga.

I’d found it fascinating to study the mind-body connection and how it impacted every facet of life, including business.

The problem was—I didn’t think other people were all that interested in diving into the esoteric concepts that I had studied in yoga. Not to mention, I personally preferred to keep things practical and logical when it came to sharing the tools of yoga and Ayurveda.

It felt like I wasn’t able to share what I knew in a way that truly propelled people’s lives forward.

I needed help.

But I was tired of online programs and courses that taught a specific skill or (more often) over-promised an outcome that they didn’t deliver.

So, I decided to invest.

And I mean really invest!

Not only big bucks (think 5 figures here), but more time, energy, and practice in my ability to guide people in how to actually implement and automate the highly valuable habits that I knew from my own experience worked and worked well.

I knew that another “certification” did not automatically mean more positive impact in the lives of my clients.

I also knew that I hadn’t been able to “do it all” on my own and that there was serious potential in being part of a group of growth-oriented peers.


My daily habits have changed.

My understanding of how the brain works has changed.

My business and connection to yoga and Ayurveda have changed.

Most importantly, I’ve been able to support my members to change.

Now I realize that as awesome as this has all been, I haven’t done a good job of sharing this transformation.

In the past, when I attempted to explain my online coaching and programs, my answer—until now—has been muddled and complicated.

But that’s changed too.

I’ve gotten clear on who I help and how I help them…

I help positive women who are successful in their professional and personal lives but don’t feel at peace when it comes to slowing down and putting themselves first.

They know what they want their experience of life to be, but they get stuck in a pattern of reacting to situations by self-medicating (insert wine, cheese, and chocolate), bursting out with “this is the right way…”, or avoiding the issue entirely because they are too tired and drained to respond with discernment.

Together with a dynamic group of like minded women, I guide these amazing ladies to find ease and automation within their daily routines so that they can harness their energy for the things that are most meaningful to them, experience peace of mind, and truly thrive.

And I’ve gotten very clear on what the process looks like to best serve my members while staying in alignment with the natural cycles of life. Which means I’m able to keep my own energy, vibe, and impact high.

I now work with clients in one high-touch way.

Journey to Thrive is my results and transformation focused annual program that creates ease in automating 10 foundational health habits from yoga and Ayurveda.

Now, this may seem like a departure if you know me simply as a yoga teacher or the founder of Yoga Lagniappe.

But, it’s not a departure at all—it’s a refinement.

It’s like moving from a 4 star to a 5 star hotel and then receiving a 6 star experience!

I still use yoga as the foundation for everything I teach and the business of connection is actually at the core of how I coach…

… but instead of trying to be a generally good yoga teacher to everyone—my focus is on guiding positive, professional women out of overwhelm and into alignment with what is most meaningful to them (which is actually what I loved about my background in management).

I’m OBSESSED with living our lives in the most fulfilling and impactful way possible. I absolutely love studying the brain, the body, and what’s beyond them both. Ultimately, my coaching is about how we connect to ourselves, others, and life at large.

Meaningful connections, enjoying life to the fullest, AND being healthy are what I see myself and other women aiming for.

Bringing these aims together in a way that releases our all-or-nothing, stress-inducing culture and supports women to continually grow and evolve for the rest of their lives is a no-brainer for me.

And with this extreme clarity, it is so exciting to be building my community of like-minded Thrivers for you to be a part of.

I’m focused on sharing tools that will truly support you on your path to an aligned, easeful, and energized journey through life.

If you feel like this refinement toward a dynamic growth mindset isn’t in line with what you need in your life right now, I encourage you not to subscribe to my emails. No hard feelings. I totally get that we can’t harness our energy if it’s dispersed on things that aren’t important to us.

In the months to come I’ll continue to share resources, live workshops, and challenges that will keep you focused on and building your ability to thrive.

But the fastest way to get the best results and have more FUN, is to grow with a dynamic group.

You have a choice to make.

Will you go solo through this journey of life?


Will you thrive as the member of our dynamic group?

As always, feel free to leave any questions or comments on this refinement or your own personal transition to the next level of growth. I’d love to help!


Photo credit: Javier Allegue Barros