Last Sunday, as the media was continuously reporting on the shootings of police officers in Baton Rouge, I was tucked away in a cozy New Orleans yoga studio with five brave souls.

Unaware of the fear and chaos unfolding, we were connecting to silence, peace and trust. We were doing the work of yoga, based on The Four Desires process. That might sound easy and disconnected from reality, but it was not.

We were focused on unearthing the habits and beliefs that had brought each student to their present life situation, yet were also limiting them from reaching their highest potential.

I share this with you because I believe that while this is a time for action and change in our world, it is also a time for personal and universal connection.

If we are to process and move beyond our fears as a collective, we must first recognize the fears and beliefs we hold as individuals.

The tools of yoga allow us to explore the interconnected nature of our minds, bodies and spirits. When we access this connection in ourselves we are more likely to recognize it in others and respond from love, rather than from fear.

The media may label the summer of 2016 as the Summer of Fear, Terror and Anguish. A stark contrast to 1967 and the Summer of Love.

How are you choosing to reflect on the events of this summer?

I invite you to process and respond to current events by truly connecting with and listening to yourself first. Make time for silence and reflection. Make time for rest and renewal. Once you feel connected to your own peace, then you can begin to truly listen to others.

We must first understand our deepest motivations and true desires. Then, from our own place of healing, we can offer the world our strength and compassion.


Beneath the noise, there is always silence

Beneath the chaos, always calm

Beneath fear, love