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Apr 5
How to Overcome Stress

How to Overcome Stress and Combat its Effects

If you’ve ever experienced any kind of stress, you know that it can have detrimental effects. The initial results of stress, while generally temporary, are unpleasant. Tight muscles, racing heart, headaches, neck pain—these can all be alleviated fairly quickly. It’s when the stress becomes prolonged or ongoing that it can become a major problem. Those […]

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Jun 22

Uncovering Your Purpose in life through the Four Desires

Uncovering Your Purpose – Episode 52 of A Healthy Curiosity Podcast I had the pleasure of connecting with my friend and fellow wellness professional, Brodie Welch, on her podcast called A Healthy Curiosity. In the episode we discuss uncovering your purpose through the Four Desires Process. As a Four Desires Trainer I love sharing this […]

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