Did you know that using the tools of yoga can not only make you more physically fit, but it can actually make you happier as well?

In this video you will learn 3 easy yoga tools for happiness. I’ll teach you the power of diaphragmatic breathing, meditation and building Sangha (community). These three simple techniques will create more happiness in your life.

There is no shortage of advice in the media on how to be happier. After all happiness is something that every human, regardless of background or nationality, seeks to experience as often as possible.

I’ve always worked to find a positive angle to life, but yoga has really given me the concrete methods that consistently bring a smile to my face. I’m not suggesting that we should only try to experience happiness. Part of the beauty of life is in the variety of emotions and experiences we face, even those that aren’t necessarily seen as positive. However, it can certainly help to have at least a few reliable tools to draw upon when your day isn’t going the way you would like.

Watch this quick video where I offer 3 easy yoga tools that can help you go from being bummed to being bright!

3 Easy Yoga Tools for Happiness

Now, I would love to hear from you.

Have you tried any of these 3 yoga tools in the past? Can you see how spending just a few minutes a day with these tools could help you experience more happiness in your life?

Share your thoughts and smiles below in the comments.

From my mat to yours,


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