After a year and a half as a member I’ve finally decided to write a Heartquarters Insider review to share my personal experience with digital strategist Natalie Lussier and her team.

If you aren’t personally managing the keyboard behind an online business, chances are you know someone who is or has at least given it some serious thought. While virtually all brick and mortar businesses have an online presence, many entrepreneurs are venturing into the arena of online business to reduce overhead and reach a larger audience. The problem is, not all of us diving into this realm have the time or technical know-how to weed through the endless stream of software and tools that are marketed to help us grow our online businesses.

While we might have different backgrounds, I’m guessing that you can relate to my challenges. I have a MBA and am confident in my ability to handle the basics of an online business, but I don’t consider myself on the cutting edge of tech tools for entrepreneurs. My marketing skills are sound, but actually creating the technical systems that run an online business and support its marketing reach was a bit of a mystery to me. That’s where Nathalie Lussier and her Heartquarters Insider Program filled my knowledge gap.

I gained access to¬†Nathalie Lussier’s Heartquarters Insider Program when I joined her Launch It & Profit course in 2014. Since then I have renewed my subscription to the program because of how valuable it is to the growth of my business.

With a dozen step-by-step online courses, and more in the works, Heartquarters Insider helped me learn the technical ins and outs of everything from building a website, to creating great Facebook ads and webinars.

While you can find all of the details on what is included in the program here, I want to share my Heartquarters Insider review to help you determine if it is actually a good invest for you.

Heartquarters Insider Review: What You Can Expect

Specific Recommendations for Technical Tools

Each course in delivered in video format with specific step-by-step solutions and recommendations for tools to deliver your objective. I appreciate that Nathalie gives her Heartquarters Insiders recommendations based not only on the price of the tool, but also on when it might be best to invest in that tool based on your business’ stage of growth and current reach.

Focused Learning – Eliminate Course Surfing

Precisely because this program has the content I currently need and I know that more great courses will be added based on my input, I don’t need to be on the lookout for the next best training. It’s all accessible to me now, in one place. I no longer have to waste time searching Google for the right YouTube videos or paid online courses to develop and implement sound marketing strategies for my business.

In fact, I love Heartquarters and Nathalie’s programs so much that I use it as my primary professional coaching resource. There is so much valuable content in the courses that I don’t want to buy any other training programs. Instead, I’m focused on implementing the technical knowledge and systems that I’m learning from Nathalie.

While I love learning new things, I also know that I can’t spend all of my time learning. I have to implement what I’ve learned and test it. With Nathalie’s Heartquarters Insider courses you can come back to each course and review when you need to. This was particularly valuable recently when I spent three months focused on growing my subscriber list and realized that I needed to review the Simple SEO training and Expand Your Reach course. They helped me see how a variety of different tools and techniques need to be implemented simultaneously. Rarely is there a one hit wonder that will grow your list for you by itself, you need a big picture plan and tools to execute your marketing efforts. Heartquarters Insider helps you create your unique plan and implement it.

All-In-One Training, Group Coaching & Accountability

For a fraction of the cost of multiple courses and group coaching calls (even if you bought inexpensive trainings you would still likely spend well over $1,000 for a dozen courses without any community or follow-up coaching to keep you motivated) Heartquarters Insider offers you access to an amazing group of heart centered entrepreneurs. I’ve met many of these go getters in person and I keep in touch with them through our quarterly coaching calls with Nathalie and our Facebook group.

Monthly membership is $79 per month and can be canceled at anytime. If you’re ready to commit to an enriching and productive year, Heartquarters Insider is only $750 for an annual membership.

I’ve found the quarterly group coaching calls to be invaluable when it comes to validating my own hunches about the strategy I’m implementing. It is so helpful to be able to ask someone who has experience in her own business and has worked with hundreds of other entrepreneurs at identifying what works and what doesn’t in online business. Most importantly the way Nathalie approaches business lines up with my values. Because she places a high level of importance on personal integrity and delivering quality products and services to her members, I am confident that when she responds to my direct questions she is answering from her head, as well as her heart.

One of the latest features that has been added to Heartquarters Insider is the Accountability Alliance. It allows you to partner with one or two other Insiders and set 3 goals for every two week period. At the end of the two weeks you receive a reminder to check in with your Accountability Partner and mark off each other’s goals. Being able to refer to my business priorities in one place and knowing that I will be held accountable to meet these goals, has been a huge help in keeping me focused. Plus, I can see the progress that I’ve made by reviewing my past priorities.

Not to mention that the Accountability Alliance is gamified, so Insiders get points for supporting their partners and reviewing their goals. The points or hearts, as they are referred to, can be used to unlock courses and get special feedback and reviews directly from Nathalie.

With so many features and such great content all in one place, I can let go of clicking on all of the other courses and offerings that are being marketed to me. I know that I have the tools I need to learn more, grow my business and stay on track as a member of the Headquarters Insider Program.

I love Nathalie’s program and tech tools so much that I use them in my own members area and have become an affiliate. There is so much online noise these days that I take it very seriously when I share a product or service with my friends and clients. I trust Nathalie and have gotten nothing but great support from her and her team.

Do you have a question that my Heartquarters Insider review didn’t answer? Comment below and I’ll get back to you.

P.S. Know someone who could benefit from getting the technical know-how and group coaching to run an online business? Forward this review to them. It might just be the key they’ve been searching for.